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Unified Data Protection for your unique environment.

Business of this age is almost entirely dependent on data. Without timely, reliable and safe access to data and its associated apps, you cannot function. You could argue that data is one of the most valuable assets you possess comparable with your employees, capital and intellectual property.

However, most organizations today are not managing their data as a strategic asset. Frequently it is treated as an administrative burden, with little or no knowledge of what it contains, who owns it, or even where it is. This is especially true of unstructured data (emails, videos, documents, files), which make up the vast majority of the total and is the hardest to identify.

The inability for IT to see, control or regulate their corporate data in the face of these challenges has profound implications:

1 No Visibility or Control.
2. Increased risk.
3. Unnecessary Cost.

A new approach is needed. The business needs to take control of its data and turn it to strategic advantage while managing growth, risk and cost.

TigerLogic’s Data Management solutions provide the ability to transform your data into strategic business assets. This starts with providing core capabilities that enable you overcome the challenges listed above. The capabilities that our solution delivers include:

  • Visibility and Control
  • End to End Resiliency
  • Optimization of resources
  • Risk Management

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