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Maximize your visibility into your apps, services and infrastructure.

The opportunity for any enterprise business to benefit from digital depends on the firm’s ability to simplify the complexity of its IT Infrastructure, remove silos, and focus on customer outcomes. With the increasing adoption of digital business transformation, TigerLogic partners with the leading OEMs to help clients through their digital transformation journey with the capabilities that deliver the following value:

Provide Insights into the relationship between IT and the business:

We provide the ability to have accurate picture of applications and supporting infrastructure in production. Automatically discover IT relationships, trace transactions, and easily help create service models that enable service health to be measured and managed.

Provide Insights into the relationship between IT and the business:

across applications and infrastructure, enabling the ability to quickly detect and remediate issues relating to performance or availability before customers are impacted.

Effective capacity management & planning:

that ensures the operational efficiency of computing resources. This delivers lower costs and increases efficiency across your infrastructure.

Enterprise operations management tool:

Single Enterprise Monitoring tool (all-in-one approach) that seamlessly integrates all kinds of monitoring capabilities, from user-experience and

application monitoring to server and network monitoring to deliver unified insights for quality decision-making and lower Mean Time To Recover critical services.

Gain visibility and control of IT assets and associated cost:

Reduce significantly ongoing software costs, and maintain continuous license compliance while addressing adoption gaps.

Our Offerings:

  • IT Service Management – Support & Monitoring
  • Artificial Intelligence Operations Solutions
  • Intelligent Network Visibility
  • Application Performance Monitoring & Service Modelling
  • Software Asset Management

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