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Empowering Intelligent and connected Enterprise.

Connecting content to digital business is the foundation of the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise and is driving digital transformation. The newest generation of content services is building on the strengths of traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software to help enterprises better integrate business applications, adopt cloud strategies and automate governance. The result: Siloes are removed, information flows to users in the context they need and personal and process productivity improves.

Around the world, Enterprises are facing challenges from increased regulation, ongoing economic uncertainty, risks, constant revenue and profit pressure and new competitors. Customer expectations are changing rapidly as technology enables real time commerce and financial activity.

Organizations are under tremendous pressure to meet these challenges yet must somehow increase profitability. Unstructured data is becomingly increasingly important in responding to regulator requests.

Thus, business processes need to be optimized in order to maximize efficiency

and bring control to the overwhelming amount of information that powers your organization.

TigerLogic enables enterprises to deliver on their business objectives while meeting regulatory requirements via our complete Enterprise Content and Process Management solution offering that is tailored to the organizations’ industry and business-specific needs. We partner with leading vendors in this space.

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