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Business decision making will never be the same!

Enterprises today need insights into markets, customers and their own internal processes faster than their competitors in order to capitalize on opportunities and to deliver sustainable business performance. Business leaders make average or wrong decisions about 25% of the time. The Data is growing… Why aren’t Insights?

The use of analytics (not just instinct) helps organizations to understand their customers, spot new opportunities, identify risks, and fuel innovation. Industry analysts have suggested that those who do this will outperform the competition by 25% in every financial metric.

At TigerLogic, we understand that our clients across various industry segments (Banking, Insurance, Utilities, Telecommunications, etc.) have their distinct ways of expressing business metrics and KPIs- this understanding informs our choice of the global vendors we partner with to deliver the capabilities that enable our clients to gain insights for competitive advantage and empower them to strike balance between risk-taking and commercial gain.

We cover the entire decision analytics value chain and accelerate time-to-insight with our Analytics services and solutions. In the process, you realize the potential of new-age data science around Big Data, Machine Learning, Statistics, Predictive and Prescriptive analytics and achieve practical business outcomes that matter for your business today and a future proof tomorrow.

The following are the critical business outcome we help our clients realize:

  • Enable our clients – to Acquire, Grow and Retain customers
  • Assists our clients – to Optimize Operations and Counter Fraud or Threats
  • Help our clients – to Transform Management Process
  • Empower our clients – to Manage Business Risk
  • Support our clients – to Create Sustainable Business Models

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