Remote Work is the Future of Business | The Need for efficient enterprise backup solution

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Technology has opened up many opportunities for new ways of working. One of the biggest changes in recent years is the rise of remote working, with employees being able to work anywhere they want, on any device they want. However, while more flexible environments are better for people, one thing that hasn’t quite caught up is backup strategies.

Since these workers are not always in the office it becomes important that they don’t lose their work due to system failure or hardware or software failure. This is why an efficient device backup solution is needed to safely store the data, putting the user in control of when and what version of their files is enshrined.

Working remotely is the future!

Most Common risks from Remote work

Data loss

Data loss is the most common cause of company failure. While no single solution can prevent all data losses, you can mitigate the risk by implementing comprehensive backup, restore, and disaster recovery solutions.

“In 2016 alone, 3.2 million businesses suffered from data loss, according to the Small Business Technology Coalition. Typically, over 50% of important corporate data resides on unprotected PCs and laptops.”

It’s crucial to implement backup solutions for all business-critical systems, including servers, desktops, and mobile devices. A backup solution should employ incremental snapshots of data, which allow you to restore files, folders, databases, and servers in minutes, even hours.

Remote workers or employees working from remote locations with limited access to company files also face a variety of risks. A backup solution should include disaster recovery solutions that enable employees to remotely access company data in the event of loss or disaster.

Backup and disaster recovery are crucial for ensuring business continuity. But it’s also a matter of reputation. Companies that fail to protect sensitive data or lose customer data face serious brand damage.


Malware Attacks

A business’s data is its lifeblood, and losing it can lead to business failure. Keeping backup copies of this data is crucial to keeping your business up and running, yet many businesses are still failing to have proper backups in place.

“A recent survey found that 53 per cent of non-IT businesses don’t have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place.”

Backup solutions with cloud option offer all the benefits of traditional backups, but are more cost-effective, scalable and, most importantly, available 24/7.

With the ability to scale up and down on demand, cloud backup solutions ensure businesses never pay for more than they need, and that their data is always available should the worst happen.

Cloud backup solutions also allow businesses to spend less time worrying about backups and more time focusing on growing their companies. They can outsource their backup and disaster recovery to a third party, allowing them to focus on their core business.

To protect your company from downtime, data loss, and lost revenue, consider implementing a comprehensive backup, restore, and disaster recovery solution.

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