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Home Case Studies See how we helped one of the leading banks in Nigeria, revolutionize their Digital Channels business with the help of the F5 BIG-IP SOLUTION.

See how we helped one of the leading banks in Nigeria revolutionize their Digital Channels business with the help of the F5 BIG-IP SOLUTION.

First Bank of Nigeria
Enterprise Cybersecurity
Project Title:

With a digital ambition and a scope across Africa, First bank of Nigeria (Firstbank) needed to ensure the most efficient service delivery across all its digital channels. Its existing Load balancing platform at the time could not provide the scale required to process high volume transactions coming from an ever-increasing digital channel, resulting in dropped/non complete user transactions across its channels which had commercial and reputational implications. A transformation solution was needed not only for the present issue but with capability to manage the bank’s ambitious growth rate.


With a robust and client-centric engagement approach, which included a Technical/Solution Definition Workshop, TigerLogic was able to understand the bottleneck, clearly define and propose a working solution built on F5 Application Delivery Platform (which includes Load balancer and Global Traffic Management capability).

The solution provided an intelligent, fast, secure and Always-on platform with a capacity to address even the most aggressive transaction volume across customers and 3rd party merchants. This value proposition made TigerLogic the clear choice for this engagement.
The solution delivery involved a seamless migration of hundreds of existing services from the previous load balancing platform (which was running on over twelve (12) servers) to a highly efficient F5 platform built on a reduced footprint of six (6) servers across two (2) active data centers. The solution was designed to ensure that services across the centers will always be available and provide an AI-driven operation, with effective analysis for diagnostics and high-level service performance.
FirstBank can grow its digital ambitions without limits riding on a solution whose ROI was realized under a year.


TigerLogic helped First Bank to meet its digital services ambition. With ROI averaging 800% and counting, the solution proffered and service rendered enabled the bank to grow at a rate of 500% year on year on a single investment.
The solution also enables the bank to serve a diverse set of bank service users, providing traffic optimization that ensures the bank's infrastructure is always compatible with any device its customers uses.

Return on Investment

800% and counting



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